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Anonymous asked: different anon here also wanted to weigh in and say that you + we + the internet should not be talking about the specifics of your sex life with an ex but i guess we are. i guess i was confused and a lot of my being upset and angry came from the fact that it sounded like he forced himself on you and on rosi. did he force himself on your or did you two have a relationship that did not include sex until you were 18? if you consented to everything, then why is this an issue?



Again, people under 18 are legally incapable of giving consent in this state. There’s your answer.

Jesus christ the guy was 25 and hitting on 16 year olds regularly preying on their vulnerabilities and using that as a tool of manipulation AND CONTINUED THAT WITH VERY YOUNG WOMEN EVEN AS HE GOT OLDER why is this conversation even happening as though he did anything even vaguely okay??!??


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